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Quality and Environment

SAN ISIDRO, our goal is to build a virtuous circle of quality that our partnership with suppliers, customers and employees.
To meet the challenges of globalization and high competition while increasing operational efficiency and packing of greenhouses, we launched development programs such as Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Similarly, we derive a comprehensive training plan called "Continuous Improvement Program", we apply it to more than 700 employees including laborers, social workers, administrators and managers.

Our products are certified and bear the stamp of "Supreme Quality" awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of Mexico. We are also certified by NutriClean, Signs, SAGARPA and we are in process of implementing the Quality Control System ISO-9001.

Our efforts towards Total Quality have been awarded in 1999 and 2005 National Exporter Award, awards, because of their relevance, are delivered personally by the President of the Republic.