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Food Safety

San Isidro Farm develops and implements biological control for product safety and to provide pest control technologies using alternative Predators and Pathogens "friendly" environment.

ASIC has been operated and maintained its own water treatment plant since 1997 and the examination of water is conducted to regulate health by maximizing the ICAS Culiacán (Center for Food Research and Development).


The Cultivation of Agricultural Operations San Isidro minimize the use of approved pesticides, introducing instead the most economic methods, culturally and environmentally adjusted accepted.

These practices have been implemented for several years, perform and / or exceed the new, more stringent rules for agricultural production.


Over the past three years, we have certified our eggplant as "Products Free Pesticide Residues." The agricultural products planted in San Isidro are tried and tested in the field by SCS (the same organization that developed the California certification program NutriClean).

In San Isidro Farm were also recognized by signs and SAGARPA, who gave us the record of implementation of good manufacturing practices and the cultivation of eggplant.


The San Isidro Farm staff is responsible for ensuring the inspection of each load to ensure that meet or exceed quality standards. Each carton and pallet labeling efficiency is shipments from the point of origin. (Product and Lot Number).

It is important to mention that we have pre-cooling process which is accomplished in extending the shelf life of products