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Social Responsibility

Our workers are our most important weapon.


That is why we decided to provide them with what is necessary for a dignified life. We keep a series of 131 concrete made houses, cinderblock walls, cement floors and concrete roofs.


To protect the salary of our workers and their social and family well-being, we decided to create a social program to offer the necessary services to enjoy a dignified life.


Store: Organized as a cooperative and managed by the workers themselves, in which prices are low and products are varied.


Laundry: Where their clothes are cleaned for free.


Medical and Dental Office: Which provides free service, except those services requiring special work.


Kindergarten, elementary post-elementary and education for adults.


Daycare Center, well known as one of the best Mexico`s Northwestern in its type.


A tortilla store, operated by the workers themselves, selling tortillas at a lower price.


Turkish Baths: These baths were constructed especially for migrants who have a culture different than ours. They were conceived to adapt to our own culture, without radically changing their own customs.


School dining hall, where our children have breakfast and lunch.


Recreational areas: such as a football field and a basketball court.


All of our children under the age of fourteen attend school, and live the happy and constructive life of a child. We have educational and recreational field trips during the season.